The renovation contractor should compare ventilation solutions

Renovation of the property provides the perfect opportunity to reconsider the technical systems. Especially in smaller properties, it is easy to end up just replacing the old ventilation unit with a newer version, which is not always reasonable. It’s worth spending time comparing different options. Enervent Zehnder’s energy-efficient technology is suitable for buildings in different sizes and locations.

The goal of the renovations is to extend the useful life of the properties and improve functionality at the same time. Replacing the ventilation unit is an essential part of improving the building’s energy efficiency. Old ventilation systems no longer meet current requirements or provide sufficient ventilation, which can also lead to indoor air problems. Changes are also expected for energy costs when new devices significantly reduce consumption.

– Enervent units have a rotating heat exchanger, which is the most energy-efficient technology on the market. In addition to high heat recovery, the devices have cooling recovery in the summer. This way, the need for cooling is reduced and costs are saved, says Ronni Laaksonen, who is responsible for sales.

For the big stadium and the home of a family with children – we have suitable ventilation units for all environments

Enervent Zehnder has supplied equipment to numerous renovation construction sites. Among them are well-known properties as well as private homes.

In the renovation of the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki, we delivered six different equipment models for the job. Due to the small ducts, a de-centralized ventilation solution was chosen for the premises. Our ventilation units were installed, among other things, in the stadium’s first-aid rooms, sales points, and washing and changing rooms.

Similarly, in the prestigious building renovated on Bulevardi in Helsinki, the ventilation was customized for each apartment. We delivered ventilation equipment to all apartments and commercial premises, a total of five different equipment models. In this destination, the elegant and unobtrusive appearance of the equipment was one of the selection criteria.

We also found a suitable solution for a family that is renovating an old house to be a suitable home for a family with children. They wanted to keep the gravity ventilation in the house, but a different solution was needed for the bedrooms. The solution was found in Zehnder’s ComfoSpot, a room-specific ventilation device with heat recovery that is both quiet and can be landscaped from the outside and inside.

– The most important thing in the overall renovation of the ventilation system in connection with renovation construction is to decide how to sensibly do the necessary duct work. Finding the answer is part of the HVAC designers’ skills, Ronni Laaksonen emphasizes.

If the property already has an Enervent ventilation unit installed, an option can also be an automation modification package for the old ventilation unit instead of replacing the entire unit.

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Photo: Enernvent Zehnder’s Ronni Laaksonen and Heikki Sivonen from Lämpökarelia