Changes in product range

There has been some significant changes in our product range for 2020. We have decided to ramp down some products, we have developed new products and we have updated some existing products.

  • LTR-5 Z is a completely new product. LTR-5 Z will replace the LTR-4 and the LTR-6 product range by 1st March.
  • We have updated the Pelican range with new fans. The new product range is called Pelican Z. Thanks to the new fans Pelican Z has bigger air volumes, but less sound. Pelican Z is available from 1st March.
  • We are also updating the Pegasos and LTR-7 product ranges with new fans. Following the same logic, the new product ranges are called Pegasos Z and LTR-7 Z. The new fans have such a wide air flow range, that they will replace both Pegasos and Pegasos XL as well as LTR-7 and LTR-7 XL. These new fans are also quieter than the old ones. We estimate that Pegasos Z and LTR-7 Z are available from 1st May.
  • We have decided to ramp down the whole Neo product range. These products are not available anymore. Please ask for recommendations for replacing products.