• LTR-3
  • LTR-3


The Enervent LTR-3 unit is best suited for terraced houses and smallish detached houses.

The LTR-series units are designed for installation in the roof, in the attic, in a false ceiling or in a technical space. The horizontal installation often saves a lot of space. LTR-series units are well insulated and can be installed in cold places. The unit needs additional insulation if the temperature around it drops below -10°C.

The simple but ingenious structure and the low pressure drop of the unit ensure an inexpensive and safe operation.

Duct connections

The LTR-3 is available only with a right-handed duct connection layout.

Control options

Fan speed settingsThrough operation modes4-step
Supply air temperature set point
Control of electrical after heater
Over pressure mode
Alarm and maintenance reminder
Humidity boosting
Possibility to connect two panels to one unit
Cooling recoveryAutomaticAutomatic
KNX connectivity
Commissioning parameters view
On-off control for CHG brine pump
On-off control for GWC damper motor
Control for CHG coil 3-way valve motor
Exercising of brine pumps during standby
Exercising of the HRW during standby
Modbus RTU
Modbus TCP/IP
Stepless control of heat recovery
Control of damper motors
Control of electrical pre-heater
Control of water pre-heater/cooler
Control of water heater
Eco mode
Control of water cooler
Boosting function
Measurements view
Carbon dioxide boosting
Time programs
Summer night cooling
Temperature boosting
Compensation for hood/central vacuum cleaner
Constant duct pressure mode
Internet user interface
Time extension mode
Setup wizard
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-342 / +306 m³/h
124 m²


Ø 160 mm
833 mm
510 mm
480 mm
52 kg
Can also be installed in a cold space with extra insulation


Product number Unit
P02 212 0002 LTR-3 eAir E
P02 212 0003 LTR-3 eAir E-CG (Discontinued on 2018-01-01)
P02 212 0006 LTR-3 eAir W
P02 212 0007 LTR-3 eAir W-CG (Discontinued on 2018-01-01)
P02 301 0002 LTR-3 eWind E
P02 301 0006 LTR-3 eWind W