Heat pump solutions

Heat pump solutions

Integrating heat pumps with your ventilation systems enables extremely energy efficient heating and cooling of indoor air. The heated or cooled air will also be evenly distributed across the whole building through the ventilation ducts.

Enervent HP eAir units – not a scrap of energy wasted

hp_print_300dpihp_winter_print_300dpiThe HP is an extract air heat pump integrated into the ventilation device. Just as it says on the tin, the HP extract air heat pump integrated in the ventilation unit recovers energy from extract air. Together with the rotating heat exchanger, the extract air heat pump recovers practically all the heat energy from the air blown out of the building and returns it to heating.

The annual heat recovery efficiency can reach 95%!

• The integrated extract air heat pump does not require a separate outdoor unit, which makes it suitable for properties in which such units cannot be installed.
• Can be installed during construction or renovation.
• Cools supply air and removes moisture from it, making indoor air feel more pleasant even if the temperature does not drop by many degrees.

Read more in the HP brochure

Energy is normally wasted in the efficient heat pump process, particularly during cooling. In order to put this energy to use the HP Aqua was created. HP Aqua recovers the otherwise wasted energy and uses it for heating/cooling water which is stored in a boiler.

This water heating/cooling function makes the HP pump even more diverse. The recovered energy is conducted into the boiler, where it can be used
• in the air-to-water heating/cooling system; or
• for heating domestic hot water; or
• for under floor heating