Trends in ventilation

New trends in ventilation

Always the best indoor climate

A good indoor climate is one of the most significant factors affecting our health, comfort and work efficiency.

On the property market, a good indoor climate is an important competition factor.

Efficient ventilation alone cannot guarantee a good indoor climate. The ability to control the indoor climate is increasingly becoming a factor expected of premises of all sizes.

Air conditioning seems to be a standard feature in almost all new cars these days. Why not in every home or workplace!

A new way of thinking: Decentralized ventilation

In large properties, ventilation is best implemented with several smaller units instead of one larger unit. This provides a practical way to control the indoor climate in several sections.

The benefits for the property owner, user and the maintenance company:

  • The control and adjustment of the ventilation at a property is easier, because
    each section can be regulated independently.
  • Smaller risks involved in maintenance and malfunction situations: when one unit is being serviced, the others are still operational.

Benefits to all parties of a project during the installation phase:
ducts, insulation and duct sections, which are simpler to implement and more affordable
easier and faster installation, even in demanding renovation sites
savings for the total contract