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Energy efficiency in Stockholm with modification of the ventilation unit

A large condominium association wanted to improve its energy efficiency. Energy consumption monitoring and reporting was developed as part of the project. In this context, it was observed that it was not possible to monitor and control all vent...


Zehnder Group unifies its brand look

Enervent became part of the leading European supplier of indoor air solutions, Zehnder Group, five years ago. The interaction has been lively, and we have been involved in various development projects with parent and sister companies. We are th...


Greetings from northern Sweden

Göran Byström’s JBV Ventilationsmontage is known as a reliable installation and service company in the Örnsköldsvik region in northern Sweden. The company was founded in 1988 and is also one of Enervent Zehnder’s long-standing distr...


A good customer experience is the result of smooth collaboration

An Enervent ventilation unit has been installed in the villa in Kirkkonummi in Southern Finland  for more than 10 years. During a maintenance visit, it turned out that it was time to replace the unit. The old unit was replaced with a Salla Comp...

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