Enervent eWind
New versatile but moderately priced control system
In the beginning of June, Enervent introduced a new, easy-to-use, and moderately priced control for its ventilation units. The control is used and adjusted via the stylish and intuitive eWind control panel. ...
The small Enervent Pinion is best suited for apartments in blocks of flats and terraced houses, and for small detached houses. It is also an excellent solution for other building and renovation projects, where...
From January 2016, the ventilation devices must be equipped with an energy label. The marking is already found on other electrically driven domestic appliances and heat pumps, for example. All Enervent ventila...
Ensto Enervent Oy has acquired the entire share capital of the Norwegian company Noram Produkter AS, a distributor of ventilation products. The acquisition is perfectly in line with Ensto Enervent’s growth s...
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