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Development as a red thread – 35 years in the technology spotlight

In February it was 35 years since Tom Palmgren started working at Enervent Zehnder. During this time, the development of ventilation units has progressed by leaps and bounds. But chance had its hand in the game when Tom ended up in the business...


iSLa remote control app for Enervent Zehnder ventilation units

Enervent Zehnder has launched a mobile app that controls ventilation units. The development of the new mobile solution is an automatic continuation of the company’s 40 years of product development. Today, most people have a smartphone or ...


A home where it is easy to breathe

When Maria Klemetz and Janne Käpylehto were looking for a new home for their family, they had a clear goal in mind. The hope was to find a house built before 1950 near the Old Town of Helsinki. The area is known for its old houses with cosy gar...


Enervent Zehnder’s anniversary year – 40 years as a trendsetter in ventilation technology

The year 2023 is a double anniversary year for Enervent Zehnder. Our company turns 40 this year and in Norway we have marketed ventilation units under the name Exvent for 20 years. Today, Enervent Zehnder is part of the Zehnder Group. The globa...

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