Planning ventilation

Planning ventilation – the characteristics of a good HVAC designer

Functioning ventilation begins with the needs of the residents and the business areas using the facilities for workers. Skilled HVAC engineer you have good skills both at the planning stage as the best ventilation solution for implementation. You know how to take into account the needs and wishes of the users facilities.

Ventilation design and correct the ventilation system aiming simply to good indoor air. When you are a professional:

  • You know the diversity of the buildings and how it affects the different ventilation solutions.
  • Notes on new or renovate an existing building’s future use.
  • You already know how the design stage to think about how the ventilation must act both in summer and winter. Right at the beginning you know how to take into account the challenges of different conditions.
  • You have expertise in a variety of challenging for clean rooms, such as the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, museums and other facilities, the air conditioning design. In these modes, air conditioning system, precise control is very important.

Ventilation design requires expertise in many fields

You HVAC designer understand the physics building. You’ll feel the moisture resistance of structures and building materials, as well as other factors affecting indoor air quality. So you will be able to discuss with the structural engineers and building masters. You feel the energy efficiency requirements.

Perhaps the most important feature is that you can also think of people’s different life situations and how it affects housing and ventilation design. You know how to take into account both the needs of larger families than single inhabitants, sports activities or other reasons, due to the large use of water and humidity rates of growth, pets, aquariums and large plants.

So you understand that the ordinary everyday life that people live!

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