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The Enervent Pallas is best suited for public spaces, such as offices, coffee shops, schools, industrial facilities, in addition to blocks of flats.

Pallas can be used as a single unit, if the efficiency allows, or as a part of a de-centralized ventilation system, i.e. as a fire zone specific unit. In blocks of flats, Pallas is well suited as a floor or stairway specific unit. Whenever possible a rotating heat exchanger is used for heat recovery. If local regulations require otherwise, a fluid heat exchanger with a heat pump is used as heat recovery method. Pallas can be fitted with a built-in extract air heat pump (HP). All heating and cooling coils, as well as the heat pump unit, are built-in to the unit. The Pallas HP with a built-in heat pump effectively cools and heats the air on demand. The cooled and heated air is evenly distributed throughout the building via the ventilation ducts (not local point formed distribution, as in traditional heat pumps). In addition, the heat pump offers the unique feature of heating water (Aqua). The water can be used as domestic hot water or in a water-borne heating system.

Enervent EnergyBUS (patended) is an ideal solution for a decentralized ventilation system. With EnergyBUS, the building’s energy flow and energy consumption can be optimized by moving energy in time and space. This is enabled by a network of ventilation units with built-in heat pumps connected to each other.

Available with Twincoil equipment. The moisture transfer function of the rotating heat exchangers in our ventilation units can be used to dry the indoor air. Ventilation units equipped with the patented TwinCoil function have ventilation, heating, cooling and dehumidification in one and the same package. And even controlled with our own control automation.

Enervent Pallas is a ‘non-residential ventilation unit’ (NRVU) according to the EU Commission Regulation No 1253/2014. Ventilation units with maximum flow rate over 250 m³/h which the manufacturer has not declared intended as being exclusively for a residential ventilation application are called non-residential. Non-residential ventilation units (NRVUs) are excluded from EcoDesign labelling.

Our calculation software Energy Optimizer, reports whether the chosen NRVU unit fulfills the EcoDesign requirements or not for the intended project.

Duct connections

The Pallas is available in both left-handed and right-handed duct connection layouts.

NOTE! The HP units are only available with right-handed duct connections.

Control options

Fan speed settingsThrough operation modes
Supply air temperature set point
Control of electrical after heater
Over pressure mode
Alarm and maintenance reminder
Humidity boosting
Possibility to connect two panels to one unit
Cooling recoveryAutomatic
KNX connectivity
Commissioning parameters view
On-off control for CHG brine pump
On-off control for GWC damper motor
Control for CHG coil 3-way valve motor
Exercising of brine pumps during standby
Exercising of the HRW during standby
Modbus RTU
Modbus TCP/IP
Stepless control of heat recovery
Control of damper motors
Control of electrical pre-heater
Control of water pre-heater/cooler
Control of water heater
Eco mode
Control of water cooler
Boosting function
Measurements view
Carbon dioxide boosting
Time programs
Summer night cooling
Temperature boosting
Compensation for hood/central vacuum cleaner
Constant duct pressure mode
Internet user interface
Time extension mode
Setup wizard
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+/- 2520 m³/hMeasured at 100 Pa with F7/M5 filters
1238 m²


Ø 400 mm
1800 mm
1610 mm
890 mm
450 kg
Install on floor