Geo cooling

Geothermal solutions

Enervent CHG: making use of free geoenergy in ventilation heating and cooling

Geothermal heat is a popular source of energy in detached houses, but the free, environmentally friendly solar energy stored in the ground should also be used in all indoor air systems whenever this is possible and economically viable.

The Enervent CHG coil is connected to its own or a geothermal heat pump’s ground circuit and can function as the pre-heating and -cooling coil of the ventilation system.

• The ventilation unit requires less heating and cooling power, saving money during the acquisition stage.
• Free geothermal energy use significantly reduces the heating and cooling energy consumption of the ventilation system.
• Slightly cools supply air by itself in the summer.
• Excellently suitable as a support system for any heating solution.
• Also suitable for older buildings.
• Pre-filters outdoor air and extends the service life of the ventilation unit’s own filters.

CG geothermal cooling – energy-saving cooling in ventilation

Properties equipped with geothermal heat pumps can use the cool ground circuit fluid to cool the supply air blown into the building in summer. The most efficient result is achieved with fluid circulated in a drilled well.

• Using the geothermal heat pump’s cool fluid in summer provides a practically free source of supply air cooling. The cold is waiting in the drilled well or bedrock.
• CG geothermal cooling provides ecological cooling without excess energy consumption.
• In addition, the bedrock or drilled well stores the heat transferred from the building for the winter, which improves the geothermal pump’s heating efficiency.