An addition to Enervent’s horizontal LTR product family developed for renovation of single-family houses

The Enervent LTR product family now includes solutions for the ventilation renovation needs of houses of all sizes. The newest member of the LTR product range is intended for houses more than 200 square meters in size.

The Enervent LTR-4 is an air handling unit equipped with a rotating heat exchanger and developed for supply air flows of 145 l/s. It is intended for houses 100–200 m² in size. This unit complements the LTR product family and is positioned between the current LTR-3 and LTR-6 models. Now this product family contains units for houses of all sizes, up to 300 m².

– This is precisely the size category where people have wished for a specific air handling unit that has been missing from the marketplace, Sales Manager Teemu Kuusinen says. – There is increasing need for one as a great number of energy renovations are made in this size category.

Horizontal air handling units are especially suitable for renovation sites where it is difficult to find space for vertically mounted air handling units. A horizontal model can be installed in a ceiling, for instance. Units of the LTR range have particularly efficient urethane insulation, so they can be installed in a cold space with extra insulation.

The Enervent LTR air handling units are extremely energy-efficient and meet the ecoDesign 2016 requirements. They belong to ecoDesign energy-efficiency category A+ in the cold climate zone and energy-efficiency category A in the average climate zone.

The extensive range includes especially energy-efficient heat pump devices equipped with special functions but also models designed for basic ventilation. At its most versatile, this involves a complete indoor climate solution that includes heating, cooling and dehumidification of indoor air.

The Enervent LTR air handling units are controlled with Ensto Enervent’s own intelligent eAir automation with touchscreen.

The devices have been specifically developed for renovation projects so their price/performance ratio has been optimized.