Our ERP system will be updated on April 1. – Read a more detailed schedule of changes

As we begin our 41st year at Enervent Zehnder, we are taking a leap forward to improve our services. At the beginning of April (2nd April) we will implement the common enterprise control system of our parent group Zehnder Group. SAP is one of the leading ERP systems on the market and we can use it to ensure that we will also meet the changing needs of our customers in the future.

With the implementation, we can optimize our operations with the help of real-time data, which means an even better service for our customers and all our partners. It enables, among other things, more accurate product labelling than before. Correspondingly, you can see the delivery time already at the time of ordering. The system also facilitates ordering products from other Zehnder Group companies.

Effects of the transition phase

The project started in April 2023, and it has engaged many of our key personnel during the past year. We have wanted to ensure a smooth transition for all our stakeholders.

The implementation of the SAP system will inevitably cause a few temporary disruptions. There is a short break in our production, which delays deliveries for a while. In connection with this, our online store is also closed due to updating works from March 20th to April 2nd.

Sales, customer service and technical support will serve normally throughout the transition. We have made special arrangements to secure our customers’ spare parts deliveries during the outage. They cover most of our spare parts selection.

As always, there may be surprises, but we have planned the change phase as precisely as possible. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience caused by the delays. If anyone is left wondering, questions can be sent to our customer service at enervent@enervent.com.