The iSLa application for controlling ventilation units is supplemented with a section for installers

In April, we launched iSLa, a mobile application for controlling ventilation units. It gradually completely replaces the separate control panels supplied with the units. In October, the iSLa application will also be completed with an installers section intended for professionals.

iSLa makes tracking notifications and device monitoring independent of your location. From the point of view of the equipment user, it is practical that the adjustments of the ventilation unit can now be made remotely. For example, the home mode can be activated conveniently before returning, so that the indoor climate will be pleasant immediately upon arrival.

In the future, installation and maintenance personnel will be able to implement and monitor ventilation units remotely, which will save both driving kilometres and enable faster customer service. Remote control also brings with it positive environmental effects, as the need for components ordered from Asia and the amount of plastic waste decreases.

Setting up the application is easy

The iSLa application can be downloaded from the Google Play and AppStore application stores.

Equipment users
  • Owners of ventilation units do not need to do anything during the transition
  • The application can be enabled on most units, but it is not necessary
  • The wifi module needed for using the app can be ordered from Enervent Zehnder’s online store at
  • Control panel support and spare part deliveries will continue for years to come
  • Access to the section intended for installers is always requested in the application. Note! Application processing takes 1–3 days.
  • More detailed instructions can be found on the Enervent Zehnder website

Contact us and ask more about the iSLa application or Enervent Zehnder’s devices from the seller in your area or from our customer service: +358 207 528 800,

Enervent Zehnder’s service team solves special situations

Ventilation units are quite independent. When everything works, you don’t even notice their existence. However, the life cycle of the device is long and sometimes a competent service technician is needed for a home visit.

Our trusted technicians Oscar Husman and Robert Kristén handle, among other things, all special situations and are involved in training partner companies both in Finland and in other countries.

Both Oscar and Robert know Enervent’s different device models inside out. Both have a full 17 years in the company’s service and have accumulated a four-digit number of service gigs in Finnish homes. Rarely, if ever, does a device problem arise for which a solution cannot be found immediately.

The best are the customers and the work atmosphere

Oscar and Robert enjoy both their own tasks and Enervent. Robert confirms that no two working days are the same in a row and it is always nice to meet customers “live”. Similarly, Oscar thanks the good work atmosphere. Technical back office and service technicians cooperate seamlessly when solving customer concerns.

– When it comes to ventilation, you might think that summer is the busiest time for us, but the opposite is true. After all, Enervent’s ventilation units have rotating heat exchangers, which are usually not used in the summer. Maintenance needs are noticed more often in the cooler months, says Robert Kristén.

Oscar Husman reminds that in Finland the equipment is already of high quality because building technology and ventilation planning is regulated.

– My job description includes the training of partners’ technicians and installers in other countries as well. Thankfully, building regulations are followed and standard parts are used in the devices in our main market the Nordic countries.

Oscar’s and Robert’s equipment knowledge is also needed from time to time in the warehouse when the distribution of spare parts has increased with the establishment of the online store. Spare parts for the different unit models are assembled and finished in Porvoo before shipment.

What are the most common reasons for a maintenance visit?

Ventilation units are designed for decades of use. Due to the device warranty, commissioning installation should always be done by a competent and technically skilled professional. This ensures that the device works correctly from the start.

The maintenance team reminds us that filters are the single most important maintenance operation. If you forget to replace them, it will cause the unti to malfunction before long and maintenance must be called to the scene.

In older units, individual wearing parts are also replaced. Control modification packages are a functional solution to extend the life of the unit when you don’t want to replace it with a completely new one yet. Dozens of packages are available, and their content depends on the unit model.

Maintenance in all locations

In addition to its own maintenance team, Enervent Zehnder has partner networks in the Nordic countries. For example, there are about 30 experienced maintenance companies in Finland, whose representatives we regularly train. In special situations and whenever necessary, Oscar and Robert travel to help the local maintenance company.

Questions? Our technical support guides and advises:

Good indoor air belongs to everyone

Executive Director Mervi Ahola leads the Finnish Indoor Air Association, which has been actively sharing theme information in Finland for over 30 years. A good indoor climate is the sum of many factors, and new university research on the subject is constantly being conducted. The association is an important link to increase the dialogue between researchers in the construction industry and those who need information.

In the Nordic countries, the level of requirements of building regulations has traditionally been higher than in the rest of Europe. For example, in Finland, they also contain minimums for the ventilation air volume of buildings. It is indeed more difficult to verify the implementation of the practice.

The HVAC field is a combination of technology and closeness to people

Mervi Ahola of the Finnish indoor air association has practically been dealing with indoor air quality throughout her working career. We asked her to tell us who is responsible for good indoor air. At the beginning of the interview, it is interesting to hear what made her specifically choose the Master of Science in HVAC studies.

– In the beginning I was interested in the combination of technology and closeness to people. Indoor air is practically at its best when you don’t even notice it. In this case, the human influence and the acquired experience and knowledge bring a different dimension to the technology.

– When the topic is discussed, it is good to first verify what is meant by different terms. When talking about indoor air quality, it automatically includes possible pollutants. In addition to cleanliness, the indoor climate also includes thermal conditions. Correspondingly, the indoor environment also covers lighting and acoustics in addition to the above, Ahola elaborates.

At the same time, she emphasizes that ventilation plays a significant role in creating good indoor air, but the condition of the buildings’ structures and maintenance during their life cycle are just as important.

Who takes responsibility for indoor air?

In public discussion, indoor air quality is easily brought up in connection with problems such as mold-damaged buildings.

– This is an emotional topic and articles that gain visibility in the media/social media also affect public opinion. When it comes to best practices, it clearly divides people. Our goal in the association is to produce fact-based information to support solutions. Today, even right down to the consumer level.

Ahola reminds that the association operates impartially and has networked with many different organizations, the business world, and authorities. University research in the construction industry as well as practical property management professionals are represented on the board of the association.

– Yes, good indoor air is a matter for all parties during the property’s life cycle, but ultimately it is the property owner’s responsibility. After all, the responsibility starts with the customer, in other words, what kind of quality level is required. And from there it flows to the desks of the architect and the HVAC designer and on to the contractor. After construction, it is important that essential information about the property is transferred to maintenance, whose task is to ensure that the conditions remain good even during use. In the entire chain, communication between the parties is needed. If mistakes are made during the construction phase, or the right equipment is installed incorrectly, success cannot be achieved, Mervi Ahola sums up.

Ahola emphasizes the responsibility of the entire chain equally. Even the last in the chain, i.e. the user of the property bears his share of the responsibility.

– The lifestyles of the users and residents of the premises naturally affect the quality of the indoor air. In addition, neglecting maintenance measures and necessary maintenance can quickly ruin a well-planned and built entity.

Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (FISIAQ) is a non-profit Society, that promotes the work for healthy and comfortable indoor air quality and climate.  The Society provides information from research to practice and educates the users and the owners of buildings to maintain a good indoor climate. FISIAQ was founded in 1990 to organize the Indoor Air Conference 1993.

New employees at Enervent Zehnder

Johan Kaurila started as purchasing and logistics manager in May. Nicolina Mickelsson has strengthened the finance team since August. We asked them to tell us how the first weeks and months have gone in the world of ventilation units.

Johan Kaurila (M.Sc.), Sourcing & Logistics Manager

– Before Enervent, I worked for 11 years in various positions in a company that supplies oil spill control and environmental solutions globally. There, too, I was responsible for, among other things, projects related to logistics and stock. Although I enjoyed myself, more than ten years with the same employer is quite a long time. At Enervent, I was above all interested in the opportunity to test new challenges in a completely different field than before.

– My current job description includes contacting and tendering new and alternative suppliers, as well as the responsibility for drawing and developing the logistics business. I’ve studied finance, supply chain management and logistics, so I’m in the right field. I have also studied to become a sports instructor at a university of applied sciences, which means that I have also worked with various things related to exercise and well-being. In leisure time, sports provide an important counterweight to work.

– The first months have gone well! Especially the ongoing SAP project has kept me busy, and I am learning a lot of new things and methods in it as well. Enervent has a great team and from day one I felt like part of the house.

Johan reports to Mikael Karlsson, who is responsible for the supply chain.

Nicolina Mickelsson (M.Sc.), Financial Controller

– My job description is broad. Among other things, I am responsible for the company’s external and internal reporting. In addition to that, I will also be responsible for the group reporting of our Norwegian sister company Exvent AS. I managed to work in the field of auditing for more than 10 years, of which the last 8 years as a KHT auditor (a Finnish auditor examination) in the capital region. Now I get to see what it’s like to work “on the other side of the table”.

– Enervent interested me because it combines many things. It is important to me to work for a company whose products I believe in. I learned about solutions related to good indoor air when we built our house. We chose an Enervent ventilation unit, so the brand was already familiar. The tasks are versatile, and the international ownership makes the job description even broader. The location is of course also perfect for a Porvoo resident.

– The first weeks have gone well, and everyone has been very nice. Even though I’ve only been here a few weeks, I already feel like part of the group. I had heard that the best thing about Enervent is the nice people and the good team spirit, and that is true.

Nicolina reports to Monica Strandell, who is responsible for finance and HR.