High humidity increases indoors – we have a patented solution ready

The climate is getting warmer and, according to forecasts, summers will be warmer and wetter in the Nordics as well. At the same time, the change in living requirements has shaped our perceptions of a pleasant indoor environment. Ventilation designers have quite a difficult task on their desk. How do you ensure that the ventilation units work according to the users’ wishes, even under changing conditions? Enervent Zehnder has a suitable solution ready for this.

In addition to stricter EU regulations, construction engineering plans are also increasingly affected by climate change. In hot and humid climates, the ventilation units are expected to be able to remove moisture from the indoor air, among other things. The challenge is relatively new in northern latitudes.

An innovation developed for export can be used in the domestic market

– We already have a ready-made solution. The moisture transfer function of the rotating heat exchangers in our ventilation units can be used to dry the indoor air. Ventilation units equipped with the patented TwinCoil function have ventilation, heating, cooling and dehumidification in one and the same package. And even controlled with our own control automation, says Ronni Laaksonen, who is responsible for Enervent Zehnder’s sales.

– The innovation was developed at our factory in Porvoo by our own R&D team a decade ago. A new feature was needed for the tropical climate zone of the Southeast Asian export market. The first customers were in Hong Kong and domestic demand has only recently really taken off.

Who should choose a unit equipped with the TwinCoil solution?

Currently, the dehumidification solution is available for three different unit models of different sizes (Pallas, Pegasos and Pelican).

– Temperatures have traditionally been measured in Finland. The humidity in the indoor air has not even been monitored in the same way. A device equipped with TwinCoil is an excellent alternative for e.g. stores where cold surfaces are not allowed to fog. In addition, the solution is suitable for commercial premises and office premises where special requirements are placed on the temperature and humidity of the indoor air.

– We have also installed units equipped with the solution in large, detached houses and holiday apartments. Compared to separately installed air source heat pumps, dehumidification with heat exchangers is cost-effective. Under ideal conditions, it is practically free, reminds Ronni Laaksonen.

The TwinCoil solution is available for models with an air volume range of 360-2800 m³/h. The system is controlled with the units’ own eAir control automation and monitoring can be connected to the most common building automation applications. For more information: andrei.leventcov@enervent.com.