Enervent renewed the moderately priced automation for its air ventilation units

In the beginning of June, Enervent introduced a new, easy-to-use, and moderately priced control for its ventilation units. The control is used and adjusted via the stylish and intuitive eWind control panel.

The new eWind automation is available for all Enervent ventilation units, apart from the biggest unit Pallas .

Developed by Enervent, the eWind control is based on the algorithm of the MD control, which was designed for more demanding management of indoor climate. This makes it an extremely versatile solution which can control and adjust the indoor climate in a number of ways. Humidity boosting is a built-in feature. The automation also controls heating and cooling solutions of the Enervent air ventilation systems, such as fluid-based heating and cooling coils of the ground circuit.

The Enervent eWind automation can also be connected to open building automation. The system can be equipped with KNX and Modbus RTU bus control as an option.

Continuous development process of control

eWind is certainly familiar to those acquainted with the Enervent eAir control panel, based on the MD automation. Along with the development of control systems, Enervent was able to introduce all essential features of the MD system in its ventilation units at a reasonable price.

“The more detailed the management of the indoor climate via the ventilation unit that is desired, the more complicated the control system will be. The new features are always first introduced in the more demanding indoor climate-management solutions. From there, they gradually become more common,” says Sales Manager Teemu Kuusinen, promising that the development of automation solutions at Enervent is a continuous process.

“The biggest leaps in the development of air ventilation solutions will be taken in the field of control,” Kuusinen continues. “The actual components of air ventilation units have remained unchanged for decades by now. Development of the control defines how we can use them to adjust and maintain the indoor climate.”

The diversified features do not provide much pleasure if the residents are not able to or cannot use them. This is why we have strongly invested in the intuitiveness and ease of use of the eWind panel.

The eWind control also monitors safety of the home. The sensors control the humidity level of the indoor air, for example, and automatically increase the ventilation as necessary.

Quick to install and affordable to use

Thanks to the factory-installed and pre-set circuit board, the Enervent ventilation units equipped with the new eWind control are quick and easy to install. The only required task at the installation site is the fine adjustment specific to the house/apartment. The new  eWind control also makes the Enervent ventilation solutions really affordable for the customer.

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