More options for cooling with the ventilation – Cooler module now also available for end connected units

Interest in cooling different spaces has grown rapidly. A year ago, we released the highly praised Svea Cooler combination, especially suitable for small spaces. After the launch of the Svea Cooler, we have received a lot of requests for a cooling solution that also fits other unit models. We respond to customer requests and this spring we will introduce a horizontal Cooler module to the market. The module will be introduced at the Nordbygg fair on April 23-26, 2024.

Three good reasons to choose the LTR-5 Z Cooler

The end-connected ventilation units in the LTR series are suitable for many types of spaces. They are not only found in residential properties but also in offices. They are mostly located in places where other equipment solutions would not be possible due to the height. Therefore, it is important that a new cooling unit with compressor cooling can be installed next to the ventilation unit. Our new Cooler module:

  1. integrates directly with the LTR-5 Z unit
  2. can also be retrofitted to models LTR-3 and LTR-7
  3. is high-quality Finnish craftsmanship

Three good reasons to choose Svea Cooler

The compact Svea ventilation unit has an air flow and energy efficiency like a larger unit. The Cooler module that can be integrated with it cools the home without drafts. The modular construction of the combination solves the ventilation and cooling of homes without the need for extra space or a separate outdoor unit. The advantage is that:

  1. the cooling is evenly distributed in all rooms
  2. The cooler module can also be retrofitted
  3. the units and cooling modules are high-quality Finnish craftsmanship

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