All Enervent ventilation units belong to energy class A

From January 2016, the ventilation devices must be equipped with an energy label. The marking is already found on other electrically driven domestic appliances and heat pumps, for example. All Enervent ventilation units belong to energy class A.
The energy labelling obligation of the ventilation units is based on the energy labelling directive and the Commission regulation (EU) N:o 1254/2014. The regulation confirms the energy labelling requirements for ventilation units designed to be used in residential buildings. The classification varies from the lowest G category to the highest A.

At the same time as the energy labelling obligation, the Commission regulation (EU) N:o 1253/2014, with regard to ecodesign requirements for ventilation units, comes into force. The common energy-efficiency requirements for fans were confirmed in the Commission regulation (EU) N:o 327/2011.

Clear information on energy efficiency

The energy label of the device provides comparable information to the consumer for making a decision on a purchase. The consumer can detect at a glance, if the consumption of electricity for the device is low or if it is higher than the average level marked red.

In addition to the actual energy class, a significant amount of important information, tested in a uniform way, must be provided for the consumer. The consumer should be able to trust that the properties have been tested and that they are indicated in a clear and uniform way for each device manufacturer, whether the question is about the control type of the air conditioner, the type or efficiency of the heat recovery system, the input power with the maximum air flow, the nominal electric power or the sound power level.

The sound power level plays a significant role in terms of a good room microclimate and comfort.

At its best in a cold environment

The energy efficiency of a ventilation unit is indicated in the energy label for the middlemost climate zone in the European union. In energy labels of air source heat pumps and room air conditioners, for example, the energy class is indicated for three climate zones.
Naturally, the Enervent ventilation units have been developed to operate with as high energy-efficiency as possible in the Nordic climate. Thus, in the coldest climate zone, the energy class for all Enervent ventilation unit would be A+.

The energy used by the ventilation units creates a significant share of the total energy requirement of the households within the European union. The Commission has paid attention to the high energy consumption of many ventilation units.
Thanks to the directive, the energy consumption in dwelling is expected to fall by 45% within the European union by 2025.