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The recession in the construction industry slowed Enervent Zehnder’s growth – strong investment in cooling technology

A trend familiar from many industrial sectors was also repeated last year in the business of Porvoo based ventilation technology manufacturer Enervent Zehnder. When the construction of new apartments in Finland slowed down rapidly, it also dire...


The renovation contractor should compare ventilation solutions

Renovation of the property provides the perfect opportunity to reconsider the technical systems. Especially in smaller properties, it is easy to end up just replacing the old ventilation unit with a newer version, which is not always reasonable...


Our ERP system will be updated on April 1. – Read a more detailed schedule of changes

As we begin our 41st year at Enervent Zehnder, we are taking a leap forward to improve our services. At the beginning of April (2nd April) we will implement the common enterprise control system of our parent group Zehnder Group. SAP is one of t...


Energy efficiency in Stockholm with modification of the ventilation unit

A large condominium association wanted to improve its energy efficiency. Energy consumption monitoring and reporting was developed as part of the project. In this context, it was observed that it was not possible to monitor and control all vent...

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