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High humidity increases indoors – we have a patented solution ready

The climate is getting warmer and, according to forecasts, summers will be warmer and wetter in the Nordics as well. At the same time, the change in living requirements has shaped our perceptions of a pleasant indoor environment. Ventilation de...


The energy efficiency requirements for buildings are becoming increasingly strict – the goal is total zero emissions

The EPBD directive, which entered into force on May 1, places new demands on legislation in EU member states. The update of the Energy Efficiency Directive supports the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in the construction sector. Talteka&#...


More options for cooling with the ventilation – Cooler module now also available for end connected units

Interest in cooling different spaces has grown rapidly. A year ago, we released the highly praised Svea Cooler combination, especially suitable for small spaces. After the launch of the Svea Cooler, we have received a lot of requests for a cool...


The recession in the construction industry slowed Enervent Zehnder’s growth – strong investment in cooling technology

A trend familiar from many industrial sectors was also repeated last year in the business of Porvoo based ventilation technology manufacturer Enervent Zehnder. When the construction of new apartments in Finland slowed down rapidly, it also dire...

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